LGBTQ Resources

Coming to terms with your sexuality involves research, time, and a lot of tears.  Here are a few resources that we’ve found extremely helpful.

The Gay Christian Network

With articles, pod-casts, and an online community, GCN is a wonderful place to find others who are facing similar issues.



Founded by Mel White, this organization fights for freedom from religious oppression for LGBTQ’s. It offers countless resources for those struggling to harmonize faith and sexuality.


Steps To Recovery From Bible Abuse

Written by the late Dr. Rembert Truluck, this book takes a close look at the “clobber passages” generally used to discriminate against homosexuals. His website also includes in-depth articles, such as “The Bible and Homosexuality”, “Jesus and the Bible”, and “Sexual Orientation and the Ex-Gay Fraud”.

2 responses to “LGBTQ Resources

  1. Thankyou for your web site and resources. I will pass them forward.

  2. Thanks for commenting, and thank you for sharing! These resources really are wonderful! I’ve used them all on my own journey of reconciliation. 🙂

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