Happy Pride Month!

It’s June—and that means dragging lots of things out of the closet: shorts, flip-flops, tank tops, and the gays! That’s right… June is national LGBTQI Pride month; and despite the stereotypes you may have heard, Pride is much more than drag queens, guy-liner, and Birkenstock-wearing lesbians. I’m no gay pride pro, but in the few times I’ve attended a festival, I discovered something completely unexpected: lots and lots of gay Christians.

You’ve seen it before in movies or television… the trite depiction of a gay pride festival generally includes completely naked men and women parading in the streets. Oftentimes, there is mention of public sex, orgies, and gays gone wild. Now granted, Pride Fest in the Bible Belt may be distinctively different than San Fran… but I’ve never witnessed anything of the sort. In fact, I met some of the most Godly people I know at Pride. During a time when I was very distraught over my plight as a lesbian (who happened to be madly in love with God), I met people who encouraged me, prayed with me, listened to me, and loved me. I began to discover that God’s family reached far beyond what I had imagined, with borders far wider than I thought possible.

Chances are, your city has countless events going on during the month of June, such as church functions, film screenings, discussion panels, festivals, concerts, etc. If you decide to attend a Pride Fest, I guarantee there will be many churches and congregations there, ready and willing to love on you. I urge you to look into your city’s schedule this month, and start putting some things on your calendar.

Have fun, tell your story, and don’t forget the sunscreen!


8 responses to “Happy Pride Month!

  1. And Happy Pride Month to you, Mandy! Speaking of gatherings of Christian gays, have you heard about the Gay Christian Network’s planned conference next January in Phoenix?

  2. I’m attending my first Pride this weekend in a smallish town in the south. I’m a bit anxious because I’m still firmly in the closet. I work at a church that is not gay friendly, and I love my job. I’m not out to any of my friends or family except for one person. I’m scared that I’ll be on the news or something, and I’ll have to come up with some lie about how I was there as an ally. Even being an ally won’t go over well.

    • That was one of my biggest fears when attending Nashville’s Pride for the first time! I was sure I would end up on the 6:00 news. But I didn’t, and neither will you! 😉 I was also terrified of seeing people I know. But soon I realized… if they’re attending, then they are either LGBT as well, or they are an ally. I DID actually see people I know… quite a few. It was kind of a fun revelation when friends from college would do a second take, walk up to me, and say, “Wait, are YOU gay?”

      I hope you have a great time. I have a feeling it will be even better than you are anticipating. Once you walk through the gates, I think your fears will diminish. Let us know how it goes!

  3. I attended a gay pride celebration in San Francisco many many moons ago and even then I didn’t see orgies in the streets lol. Here in our small town of approx 3,000 in the Bible Belt of N Texas I don’t think any festivals will be going on. “S” I could feel your anxiety with your comment and hope this ends up being a positive experience for you.

    • Are you planning on going to Pride Fest anywhere this year? Of the ones you’ve been to, which did you enjoy most? I’ve only been to Nashville and Louisville. Kentuckiana Pride in Louisville was amazingly HUGE! I suppose it could have been because the Indigo Girls were headlining that year. But it was at least three times bigger than the festival in Nashville.

      • Hi Mandy – The only one I’ve been to was the one in San Francisco. I don’t plan on attending any events this year but I do have a gay brother-in-law and if he was going to one his Mom and I would definitely tag along. I live in N Texas which is not real gay friendly…so sad. People around here still think being gay is a choice….hmmmm. In the three years we’ve lived here I’ve never seen an advertisement for a parade. May be some day Texas will get enlightened about things. Hope you enjoy the ones you attend!

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