Man Goes Undercover to a Gay-to-Straight Conversion Camp

I found a particularly compelling article that I think you’ll find quite interesting. We’ve talked a little bit about reparative therapy—a technique used (generally by the Christian right) to “heal” and “correct” same-sex attraction. Organizations such as Exodus and Love Won Out make a ridiculous amount of cash each year with the promise of changing individuals, and bringing them out of homosexuality. Alan Chambers, President of Exodus International, spoke on a panel at the GCN (Gay Christian Network) conference this past January. He admitted that 99.9% of homosexuals he knows have not changed their sexual orientation. Ironically, his organization still sells a $330 workbook and DVD set that states the following:

“Many people have bought into the lie that you cannot change. The reality is that people have been coming out of homosexuality since Biblical times.” -Exodus International

Fortunately, I believe the tides are turning as more and more people discover the truth about reparative therapy. These organizations are not changing sexual orientation. They can, at times, change behavior—and it is fairly easy to understand why: People can be shamed into doing anything, particularly when they believe that their loved ones will abandon them if they do not change.

We’ve heard a little bit about the questionable (at best) techniques used by these reparative therapists. However, many times the whole truth is not heard, due to the countless confidentiality waivers that a person must sign in order to go through this type of “therapy”. This article is the most comprehensive I’ve ever read. It is fascinating, to say the least. This undercover experiment was done by a former Mormon who is now an atheist. What he documents here is unbiased; it is simply his experience at a conversion camp. (Please be forewarned that there is some PG-13 language in this article.)

Without further adieu, here is Ted Cox and his article:

“What Happened When I Went Undercover at a Christian Gay-to-Straight Conversion Camp”


One response to “Man Goes Undercover to a Gay-to-Straight Conversion Camp

  1. That was interesting. Brave man. I’ve always wonder what reparative therapy looked like…awful!

    I’d like to comment on a point Ted made in his concluding thoughts, he stated, “I tell him that I think he’s normal, and that professional, reputable psychological organizations agree. I tell him that biologists have observed homosexual behavior in hundreds of species. I doubt I get through to him. How much does science really matter when God has spoken?”

    The “God has spoken” argument refers to one interpretation of the Bible, leaving most Christians to conclude “no more discussion…case closed.” And leaving people like Ted, frustrated with religion…..and leaving people like Dave, in Ted’s story, ashamed and stuck.

    I’d like to ask the question, “In what ways does God speak?” Seriously, God speaks in more ways then just through scripture as evident by the stories in the Bible (ironically).

    I think we can take some comfort in that God does speak to us through science and nature. God speak through people and their experiences. God speaks through circumstances. God speaks through writings and scripture. God speaks through messengers (angels). God speaks through silence. I see all these examples in scripture…right? I think we need not discount ALL the many ways God speaks to us….

    I think when all the different ways that God speaks to us start to match up…. we can have some confidence in that.

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