Perspectives: Guest Blog Series

Here’s a wonderful post from Josha. She discusses how our faith is an ever-growing, ever-changing thing. We are all on a journey. Do we open ourselves up to the possibility that our perspectives may change over time?


In the Sunday morning class at the church I attend we have been studying the book of Mark. Recently we discussed the story where Jesus walks on water (6:45-56). In that story it is noted that the disciple’s hearts were hardened. The discussions led to the question of why their hearts were hard. Upon the thoughts leading to the idea that the disciples were still thinking on human terms, I raised my hand to speak.

I had been using a fortune cookie fortune as a bookmark in my Bible due to what it says as a reminder to keep my heart open to what new things I can learn from scripture, and this is what I said in class:

My fortune cookie bookmark says, “Your perspective will shift.” I think that the disciples were still thinking on human terms and had not shifted their perspective to be in spiritual terms. So my question is; which comes first? Does the heart have to soften for the perspective to change or does one’s perspective have to change for one’s heart to soften?

The class went silent. I was a little nervous I might have said something wrong and then the teacher stated, “That is the deep thought of the day, class dismissed.” People laughed and all seemed to approve of what I said.  We continued class with some very good discussions.

But I’d like to open my question up into the context of homosexuality. I know of people who used to be totally against same-sex relationships, however, their perspectives have shifted in relationship to what scripture has to say about the topic. So, maybe it does not matter which comes first, the heart softening or the perspective changing…but either way it is happening.

The teacher of the class that day made an observation about the story of Jesus walking on the water. Jesus had sent the disciples out and told them to go toward a certain place (Bethsaida) and then later in the story, as they were “straining at the oars” Jesus walked up to them on the water and got in the boat and redirected them to a specific place (Gennesaret). The teacher made the point that sometimes we have in mind the direction we are headed and then Jesus comes along and redirects us into the exact direction he wants us to go.

I can relate to this in that since I was in Jr. High I was praying and focused on a direction that would lead me to a marriage relationship with the perfect Christian man with a focus on sexual purity and with a life of living out my Christianity, serving others with a husband.

Speaking on spiritual terms, I believe Jesus sent me out into this direction and as I was “straining at the oars”; Jesus redirected me in to a direction I would have never dreamed up of on my own. Jesus walked with me into a place that serves those in the LGBT community and I will never be married to a man.  I am amazed at all the opportunities that I have had to honor and serve the Lord in a place that many people don’t dare step into.


2 responses to “Perspectives: Guest Blog Series

  1. Josha, this is an important question for ourselves and others that we are sharing our lives with. Your post has caused me to think about how the master teacher was able to work on the hearts of his disciples and at the same time provide valuable lessons in perspective. The more his disciples walked with him and stumbled through some of the difficult lessons their hearts began to change. For some of the disciples it was a gradual change but for other like Peter,Thomas, and even Paul it took major events to impact them dramatically before they got the message. Looking back the message seemed so simple, why didn’t they get it? A very valuable lesson for us. The bible teaching seems so straight forward on the verses on homosexuality. Why don’t they get it? Maybe it takes time to walk with us as well as major awakening events to both soften the heart and influence perspective. Timing is important when we talk to others about our faith, our beliefs, and our lives. Also patience, kindness, and gentleness when talking about hard things. When we talk about the hard things with the ones we love it hurts us and we can be afraid. But I think they are experiencing that too. Changing ones’ perspective can become a major life event. Ah, but you know… the more we let God’s love into our heart, the softer our heart becomes and the more willing we are to consider other perspectives. Love was a hard lesson for Jesus’ disciples to learn too. Thanks Josha, for this great post!

  2. Seems like a chicken and egg thing to me. I know my perspective changed as my heart softened – or was it my heart that softened when my perspective changed? Either way, glad it happened. Hopefully, I am done straining at oars.

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