Coming Out Stories #7-11

This past week, the blog got over 2,000 hits in one afternoon, due to the “free sticker” page being listed on a few “freebie sites”. I must admit, at first I was a bit cynical, because I assumed that everyone simply wanted free stuff. However, throughout the night, stories and testimonies kept rolling in. Here are five of those stories.

This post is part of the “Our Stories” project, where readers submit their testimony or coming out story. It’s important to engage in meaningful and life-giving discussions about a topic that is too often silenced. When you tell your truth, you help someone else accept theirs.


Hello, my name is A.J. I just turned 27 years old. I live with my parents in a small town in Texas. For some time now, I’ve wondered if it was OK to be who I am, a bisexual with a capability to be attracted to members of both genders, and at the same time be a Christian. After reading a few books, visiting a number of websites, and watching plenty of online videos, I’ve come to accept the fact that yes, I can be who I am and still be a Christian.

The search over who I am started years back, before I became a Christian. I had feelings for both women and men, and thought nothing of it. I came out for the first time almost five years ago, but I slipped back in the closet after becoming a Christian. For about two years, I felt obligated to put on a “heterosexual mask” wherever I went. But I knew I wasn’t myself, even if I was (and still am) growing in my walk with Christ.

It wasn’t until I started seeing an older woman that I realized that I am who I always was to begin with. One day, I met her adult son and couldn’t help but to be smitten over his good looks. I knew right then that I couldn’t deny myself. Not long later, I phoned an out-of-state cousin and came out to her. She was so loving and accepting it made me feel good to be who I am.

Right now, I’m still in the coming-out-for-good process. It may take a while for me to be out to be everyone, but for now I’m starting to feel comfortable with who I am. And I would never trade that again for a lie.   -A.J.


My name is Nicole. I am 26 years old and I’m from St. Augustine, FL. I came out to my mother when I was 19- well it was a weird situation- my best friend told my mom the night I asked out my first legit girlfriend. Thankfully we were tipsy so it was a weight that was lifted off my chest. I knew she wasnt going to be the problem, that the issue would be with my dad. I wasn’t sure how he would take it or feel about his youngest daughter being “gay.” A few nights passed after my mother knew, and she decided to be the one to tell my dad. He just asked my mom “do you think it is a phase?” and my mom simply replied “no.” After a few years of him allowing my ex gf to live with us, he started excepting the idea. He knew I am who I am, and he or anyone else wouldnt change it. I have been dating my girlfriend of 4 years, and there’s no one Id rather spend the rest of my life with. For those who struggle with acceptance, just know it does get better.. I Promise!  🙂    -Nicole


Hi, my name is Tiphanie and I want to first be completely honest. I had no idea this site exsisted until I saw the free sticker tweet from a free site I follow. When I saw the name I was curious. I my self am bisexual and also a Christian. Though no knows I am bi it has been a struggle I have lived with since I was fourteen. At first I remember being angry because I was raised to believe that liking some one of the same sex was a sin. It took time for me to find my faith again and I realized God made me exactly the way He wanted me to be. I still am coming in to my faith and don’t think I will get there until I can be open with everyone around me. I am not ready to come Out to the world yet but I know God will help me through it.

Now that I’ve told my story I just wanted to conclude that I am not telling my story for a free sticker. I am telling my story because I know there are others out there just like me and I want others to know they are not alone. We’re all children of God and should treat everyone as equals.    -Tiphanie


I am Gabe i live in Germany. I moved here from England and before that i lived in Iceland. My dad is in the military. I am 13 and i found out i was gay a long time ago. It wasn’t until i was 12 i let my self believe it. And since then i have been very alone and sad i would cry so hard that everyone got really worried i was about to kill myself because my eyes would always be blood shot. I like to act and cheer. I am a guy so you can see how much i would get made fun of because of it the sad part was that none of them would ever watch me act and the ones who did were amazed on how good i was.

I just came out to my friends and they wouldn’t talk to me for weeks and the girls actually cried and i felt horrible. at that point i felt more alone then ever i came really quite close to killing myself until one of them came out to me that he was bi. he honestly saved my life. Now i am doing just fine and the ones who wouldn’t talk to me are now more closer to me then ever.    -Gabe


I am not gay or bisexual.  I don’t want a sticker.  But I am Christian and I just wanted to say thank you for telling your story to help others who are Christian and still love God and want to come out as such.  It takes real bravery and I will pray for all of you and for the Church to become more accepting and loving of all of it’s members who love God including those in the LGBT community.    -Jaime


2 responses to “Coming Out Stories #7-11

  1. I’d like to thank everyone for their story. Every time some one shares, I feel encouraged and hopeful. You are important to me.

    And thank you to Jaime!
    Your comment is extremely encouraging and feels like a breath of fresh air. I appreciate you.

  2. I am not gay but I did receive a sticker which was pretty cool cant wait to put it on my car. Thank you! I am a LDS member christian essentially but all I can say from reading everyone’s stories is that God created you the way you are for a reason so why would you put so much effort into camouflaging yourself and hiding your true self. Be proud of who you are, Its so easy to follow other people’s footstep, but it will lead you to the same spot it has lead people for thousands and thousands of years. You just end up locking yourself in the box without ever finding out what is outside. You need to open your mind and accept yourselves for who you are, before you expect others to accept you. I know that its easier said than done but just continue being yourself essentially God created you that way and with a purpose. He does not give you more than you can withstand. This website is an essential tool to contacting Christians who are Gay around the world seeking help and for that I am thankful and will continue to pray for each of you. -Brenda

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