The Ex-Gay Deception

I always wonder how folks surmise that gays are the ones with the “agenda” when things like “ex-gay” ministries exist. These organizations, based on something they call “reparative therapy”, have a lengthy and unflattering reputation in the world of respectable psychology. Homosexuality has long since been removed from the list of mental illnesses or disorders. However, as with most civil rights and sociological issues, the Church remains far behind current times.

Countless people have sought the assistance of well-meaning “therapists” or “counselors”, to help heal them of their homosexuality. Organizations such as “Love Wins Out” and “Exodus International” are perpetuating a hurtful cycle. They make huge claims, but the results just don’t wash. Many former leaders of ex-gay ministries are finally stepping forward to apologize, and admit that they, too, are still homosexual. If you haven’t seen this video, I highly recommend you take a minute to watch it.

If you’re not fully convinced that reparative therapy is harmful, then take a look at the case of Kirk Andrew Murphy. As a child, he was involved in experimental therapy to cure his homosexuality, conducted by George Rekers at UCLA. The demeaning techniques used to turn Kirk more masculine seemed to humiliate him enough to work. His family believes that this therapy was also responsible for Kirk’s death. He eventually took his own life.

There were countless red flags with this study on curing homosexuality, but here are three primary ones:

1. Kirk Andrew Murphy’s family was not informed that the therapy was experimental in nature.

2.George Rekers had no business claiming to heal homosexuality, because he himself was gay. He was caught in a scandal of his own in 2010.

3.George Rekers lied about the results of Kirk Andrew Murphy’s treatment. When he released literature about the results, he claimed that the boy grew up as a healthy and happy heterosexual. He did not record his death.

The full story, documented by Anderson Cooper, can be seen here.

There are people dying. Isn’t there a better way? We are to make others feel valuable. We are to make them feel worthy as human beings. We are to exhibit love, compassion, and understanding. Some people who preach ex-gay rhetoric mean well; they really do. But there comes a time when we have to re-evaluate methods. We must ask ourselves:

Is it working statistically? Is there any real success?

Is changing one’s sexuality really necessary?

Is it possible that years of tradition could be wrong? Could it be time to change the Church’s stance on homosexuality?

I look forward to a day when none of this matters: when LGBT’s will be able to serve openly in church leadership roles worldwide; when we look back in disbelief at the times when homosexuals were discriminated against. In the meantime, lets move forward together in love. Let’s encourage open, honest, and healthy discussion about homosexuality and the Church. Let’s decide what really matters…

…what people do in the bedroom, or what people do in the Kingdom.


3 responses to “The Ex-Gay Deception

  1. For an in-depth analysis of the lies this treatment is based on, you can go to: where my (long) article on the subject is reproduced in full. It’s good to have such information handy for when they try to blind you with (pseudo) science.

  2. And just to show you that it is possible to fight ex-gay treatment, here’s what happened in England earlier this year:

    • Wow, Ronete… thank you so much for that exceptional and detailed article. That’s important information for all of us. I’ll definitely be reposting those links!

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