“This I Know” Bible Study

Last week, I attended the first session of the “This I Know” Bible Study: a multi-week companion guide to the award-winning documentary “For The Bible Tells Me So”. As the date approached, I became more and more nervous. I began to wonder if there would be any other gay people there. I wondered if the straight people who did show up would be open to this idea of frank discussion concerning the Bible and homosexuality.

My anxiety vanished the moment I walked through the door. There were about 20 people in attendance. The 2011 President of PFLAG-Nashville Chapter was there, and plans on participating weekly in this study. Everyone was so kind. I was surprised to find that the majority of those in attendance were heterosexual. There are a couple of gay men in the group, but it seemed that Jessica and I were the only lesbians there. We introduced ourselves, settled in, and watched the documentary.  Jess and I were the only two in the entire room that had previously seen the film. It was quite humbling to watch the reactions of our new acquaintences as they watched this presentation for the first time.

There was a brief time of discussion following the film, in which everyone seemed to be very open-minded. The sheer fact that a Methodist church in the middle of the Bible belt would offer this study to the community shows that we are making forward progress as a society. I don’t think the Belmont United Methodist Church is technically listed as a gay-affirming church (I’ll confirm that by next week), which makes the existence of this study group that much more amazing.

I think this study has the potential to bridge some serious gaps between the Church and the LGBT community. I’m so blessed to be a part of it. I’ll be updating you on the discussion as it unfolds during the following weeks.


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