“Sissy Boy” Therapy

Last month, Anderson Cooper did a series on Kirk Andrew Murphy, a boy who was forced to undergo reparative therapy for his “sissy behaviors”.  This “therapy” was experimental in nature, and run at UCLA by none other than George Rekers who, of course, would eventually go on to be caught in a gay scandal of his own in 2010.  (Perhaps he should have tried his own therapy.)  The horrendous and demeaning techniques that Kirk was made to go though certainly did make him suppress his homosexual tendencies.  His family believes it also made him take his own life.

The most jaw-dropping detail of the entire chronicle is that Rekers documented Kirk’s case… and lied about the results.  To everyone who reads Rekers’ work, Kirk became a happy, life-loving heterosexual man.  They did not record his death.

There are no words I can write that will accurately portray the horrors of this story, so I’ve included three videos that tell Kirk’s story through the eyes of his family.


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