Happy Pride Week!

It’s finally here!  Somewhere near you, at some point during the month of June, there will be a gay pride festival.  But gay pride is way more than parades and drag queens.  It’s an educational opportunity.  I attended my first pride only two years ago… Pride 2009 in Louisville, KY.  I was nervous.  I had no idea what to expect.  But from the first moment, I was completely overwhelmed at the love and acceptance by this group of people I had never met before.  Pride was also the first time I had ever talked to a collective group of other gay Christians.  I couldn’t believe how many of us there were!  I spent tons of time talking with other Christians at their booths, just exchanging stories and celebrating the love of Jesus!

Do something good for yourself, and go to pride this year!  Let yourself be loved on by those in your community who are just like you.  Go and fellowship with like-minded individuals.  Educate yourself about laws and legislation concerning LGBT rights and issues in your area.

During this month of Pride, Old Navy has released a line of Pride, 2011 t-shirts, which will help support the “It Gets Better” Project.  An awesome statement, indeed!  The bad news?  Old Navy only released the line in 26 of its 1,035 stores.  So, to show that you support Old Navy’s stance for the LGBT community, why not email them and say THANK YOU?!  Let them know you appreciate it, and maybe next year, the shirts will make a cameo at a store near you!



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