Getting Past Ourselves

There’s one thing that’s been on my mind a lot lately, concerning our plight as gay Christians.  There is such a debate going on in our churches, that thousands of people are being pulled away from productivity in the Kingdom, just to claim their side of the battle line over homosexuality.  It’s true that this journey is one of the most important ones we will take as Christ-followers.  After all, we want to know what’s righteous in the eyes of God.  That’s why every gay Christian knows those 6 clobber passages oh, so well.  And we welcome the day when we reach the end of this emotion-filled journey.  But what happens after?  Where do we go from here, once we can fully grasp our faith and our sexuality?

“I’ll be glad to be over this hurdle, so I can begin living for God again.”  I’ve heard this more than once when talking to gay Christians.  This issue is so difficult, so draining, so intense, that we often spend every ounce of our energy deciding what our personal belief system will be.  And for most people, that’s what it takes.  But it’s worth it… because once you make that reconciliation, you can begin to use those amazing gifts of yours, full throttle, for God.

Unless, of course, the battle just won’t die.

Many of us gay Christians find ourselves defending ourselves over and over again within our churches.  The very place we are supposed to feel safe just as we are… it becomes a battlefield.  The more time we spend fighting with each other inside those four walls, the less time we spend ministering and loving on those outside them.  And Satan loves nothing more than to distract God’s people from the greater work.  Wouldn’t it be better to move forward together with a common goal of serving God?

The bottom line is, this debate over homosexuality has always been bigger than it really should be.  Whether you believe it’s a sin, or whether you don’t… there are way more important things to be focusing on.  Too many people are holding picket signs, and not enough people are feeding the poor, or building houses for the homeless, or reaching out in love.

Let’s get past ourselves, homosexuals and heterosexuals alike, and move forward together!


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