Fish Out of Water

Last night, I was scouring Netflix for a good documentary (as I so often do).  What I found was an absolute gem.  “Fish Out Of Water” examines what the Bible really has to say about homosexuality.  Combined with her own experience, and the experience of dozens of other LGBT’s, director Ky Dickens tackles the seven “clobber passages” that are so often used to condemn and discriminate against homosexuals. She dares to ask tough questions. The result is a liberating, fresh approach to the Bible.

This accomplished film is an absolute must-see for everyone!  It is a poignant and relevant work… one that is quite fit to present to parents, friends, and church congregations.  (But if you’d rather send the DVD anonymously, there’s a feature on their website that allows you to do just that!)

Visit the website.  See the film.  Recommend it.  It’s exactly what the church community needs to hear.


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