Secret Life: Coming Out Story #2

This post is part of the “Our Stories” project, where readers submit their testimony or coming out story. It’s important to engage in meaningful and life-giving discussions about a topic that is too often silenced. When you tell your truth, you help someone else accept theirs.


Well i was brought up in a very inactive anglican church and left when i was 14 but always believed in God. At 16 i joined a youth group lead by a very radical christian and grew in faith, at 18 i went to an amazing evangelical church and gave my life to God. God has brought me on an amazing journey, freeing me from the pain of my past and providing wonderful godly surrogate parents to me. My father passed away when i was 20 and my birth mother and i are not in relationship so i was alone but God has other plans… he brought an amazing christian couple into my life and i have lived with them as family for 9 years now.

I attend a baptist church where i lead worship at our youth services and run the church prayer chain e-mail. I love my church and my faith is my life. I am however a lesbian and have only just had courage to begin to tell my church friends as i have kept this part of my life secret.

Obviously the view of my church is that i should remain single and live a life of celibacy. They are supportive though and i will cross the issues of a relationship if and when it happens.

I will remian single until i am so sure of what is right for me, i believe you can live without sex but you cant live without intimacy and love and you can get that from friends, family and church.

God is my rock and has supported me thus far and i know he will support me in my future.

-Anonymous (England)


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