Kathie Hynes: Christian Mother Becomes an Ally

During the few months that Coming Out Christian has been underway, I’ve had the opportunity to chat and converse with lots of amazing people.  Kathie Hynes is one of those people.  She is a Christian mother from southern California, who struggled when her daughter came out as a lesbian.  She began recording her emotions in a journal, and eventually transformed the journal into a book.  “My Name is Kathie and My Daughter is a Lesbian: From Bible Verses to Rainbow Stickers” is designed to help others parents who are coming to terms with their childrens’ sexuality.  Read the official press release below:


Apple Valley, California – June 8, 2010 – My Name is Kathie and my Daughter is a Lesbian: From Bible Verses to Rainbow Stickers journals the challenges of a mother in an atmosphere fraught with tension, where self-esteem and livelihoods were on the line every day after discovering the alternate lifestyle of a child. The book is designed to provide help and hope for mothers of gay children. It demonstrates that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

My Name is Kathie and my Daughter is a Lesbian: From Bible Verses to Rainbow Stickers gives a candid account of the cocktail of emotions the author experienced — from shock to denial to acceptance to hope. The book reveals that with faith, one can create a stronger relationship with God, learn to be more kind not only to oneself, but also to those who live an alternate lifestyle.

Kathie Hynes, author of My Name is Kathie and my Daughter is a Lesbian: From Bible Verses to Rainbow Stickers says, “I struggled as a Christian mother when I learned my youngest daughter was a lesbian. The journey took me from helplessness and hopelessness, to forgiveness and acceptance. My hope is that this book will help other mothers of gay children through the seven stages of grief to acceptance.”

Gordon Soholt, Chief Academic Advisor, The Lewis Center for Educational Research, said, “No bond is more praised than a mother’s love for her child. But what happens in a family with traditional Christian values when that child grows up gay? This important book explores the questions, doubts, angers, fears and ultimate acceptance that one mother went through. Deeply personal and intimate, you will be moved to tears, laughter and a greater understanding of the love between parent and child, and ultimately between God and us. A must read for those confronting the realities of today’s society.”

The book is due to be released in August 2010, and will be available at bookstores including Barnes & Noble, Borders, Online book distributors such as Amazon.com and Amazon Kindle.

Kathie was born and raised in Southern California. She attended USC School of Law, La Verne School of Law, and Cal State L.A. to study as a paralegal. Kathie is the former founder of a paralegal service that she ran for nearly nine years. Kathie then worked at the Academy for Academic Excellence in Apple Valley, California.

She is married and a proud Christian mother of three daughters and five grandchildren.

Kathie Hynes, Author
Email: hynes.kathie@gmail.com
Website: www.kathiehynes.com


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