Harding University Queer Press

Harding University is one of the most elite private liberal arts Christian universities in the country.  And surprise, there are (*gasp*) gay people there.  This must have been a shock to the administration, especially when they discovered the H.U. Queer Press, a student-compiled ‘zine geared toward education about the LGBT community.  The website was blocked by H.U.’s administration on Wednesday at 4:00pm.  While the H.U. Queer Press is being landblasted by the administration, they are getting lots of positive feedback from students, gay and straight alike.  News of the ‘zine has spread like wildfire, including Harding’s sister schools: Oklahoma Christian, Lipscomb University, and Abilene Christian.  Could this, in fact, be the beginning of a Grand Gay Awakening?

Personally, I can only hope so.  I applaud the courageous determination of those students of the H.U. Queer Press.  They had to have known the obstacles, hateful words, and downright discrimination that would follow.  Yet they are taking a stand for what they believe in.  And really, they just want to be heard.  Why is that a bad thing?  The Church needs to be educated.  They need to know that reparative therapy doesn’t work.  They need to know that gay people have been living on their campus for decades upon decades in silence.  Obviously, this great gay debate isn’t going anywhere… and the ways it’s been handled in the past isn’t working.  It’s time the Church takes a different approach… perhaps love?

Read “The State of the Gay” by H.U. Queer Press here.


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