Focus on the Family: Who’s Really Got the Agenda?

Focus on the Family… one of the biggest pawns of the religious right in the Great Gay Debate.  Headed up by Dr. James Dobson, FOTF is a household name in most Christian families.  Dr. Dobson’s books certainly took up a lot of space on my family’s bookshelf.  And golly… if it hadn’t been for his book, “Preparing For Adolescence”, I may still believe that girls get pregnant from french kissing.  While many of FOTF’s projects seem well-meaning enough, their anti-gay propaganda is extremely harmful.  They’ve recently gone so far as to suggest that anti-bullying rules, designed to stop discrimination and hate toward our LGBT youth, is actually a plan for us gays to promote our “homosexual agenda”.

I ran across a very interesting and thoughtful article on Canyonwalker Connections.  It discusses current projects introduced by FOTF, and if it’s helping or hurting our youth.

Click here to read.


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