Athlete Ally: Battling Homophobia in Sports

Maybe I just wanted an excuse to use Dana Fairbank’s picture for a post.  (Ok, yeah… that’s affirmative; just look at those lovely shoulders and collarbones.)   However, there is a bigger mission here, and that is to make sure that the world is given the tools necessary to understand and embrace LGBT’s.  That includes the sports world.

Amanda is a friend of mine that I met at Kentuckiana Pride a couple of years ago.  She is an amazing Christian, with a love for sports.  Therefore, she has a real passion for the acceptance of LGBT’s in the sporting arena.  She is a supporter of an organization called Athlete Ally.  The organization was founded by Hudson Taylor, now a wrestling coach at Columbia University.  He drew nationwide attention last year, when he (still a student at the Universty of Maryland) wore a Human Rights Campaign sticker on the side of his helmet.  His reasoning?  He grew up in an Evangelical Christian family, who taught him to respect others and support the rights of all people.  And here’s the surprise: Hudson is heterosexual.  He listened to his convictions, and followed them… simply because it was the right thing to do.

Click here to check out Athlete Ally.


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