Dr. Teresa Whitehurst: The Intolerance of Christian Conservatives

I’d like to share the 1st installment of two different articles I stumbled upon today.  These were written in 2005 by Dr. Teresa Whitehurst, a Christian clinical psychologist.  Although they are a few years old, they still ring true today.  Whether you are straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, or questioning, this is worth a read.  It is my hope that these will bring about some reflection and contemplation to those of us who read them.  Remember it is never an erroneous thing to re-evaluate.  You may ultimately reach the same conclusion you’ve held in your heart for years… yet you may reach an unexpected, fresh closure.  It’s up to the individual.  And really, I think that’s the whole point here.

Click here to read entire article.


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